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6 Watch Winders with Fingerprint Entry RGB Light LCD Remote Control Quiet Motors - Walnut

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Slot: 6

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6 Watch Winders with Fingerprint Entry RGB Light LCD Remote Control Quiet Motors - Walnut

6 Watch Winders with Fingerprint Entry RGB Light LCD Remote Control Quiet Motors - Walnut

Model F16011
Color Walnut
Product Dimension 8.46*9.84*16.93 inches/21.5*25*43 cm(L*W*H)
Package Dimension 13.39*12.2*21.65/34*31*55cm(L*W*H)
Type Fingerprint Unlock, RGB Light, Remote Control, LED Light Stripe, LCD Touchscreen
Material Acrylic, Wood, Microfiber Leather
Power Supply 110-240V AC Adapter(CE, UL, ROHS certificate)
N.W 7.35KG/16.2lb
G.W 9.35KG/20.61lb
Package 1 * Device
1 * 110-240V AC Adapter 
1 * Clean Cloth
1 * User Manual
1 * Remote Control
1 * Admin Key

1. Built-in Fingerprint Unlock: Our new upgraded 6 watch winders has built-in fingerprint unlocking, improve unlock security. The fingerprint sensor can set up to 20 fingerprint users(2 administrator and 18 user accounts).

2. RGB Light and LED Light Stripe: RGB Lights with Colorful Changing, the watch winders makes your watches look gorgeous and mysterious. It is also a good way to show your watches and decorate your rooms. 

3. LCD and Remote Control: Shows all information on the watch winders modes. Touchscreen option and Remote Control make a setup process much easier.

4. Multiple Rotation Modes Setting: You can set the number of Turns-Per-Day from 300 to 2300 TPD. Two buttons are used to turn up and down, the up button increases by 50 each time, over 300 TPD returns to 2300 TPD cycle.

5. Up-right Positioning: When the watch winders stop working or Pause, all the watches stop at 90°vertical, looks neat.

6. Super Quiet Motors: Adopt Japanese Mabuchi motors, extremely quiet running. The noise is less than 5db, which is completely negligible. Never worry about disturbing you.

Winding Modes

Direction: clockwise/counter clockwise/clockwise+counter clockwise

TPD Calculation Method: 10 turns per cycle

24-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns);

12-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns) /2;

8-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns) /3;

e.g: TPD set to 650, clockwise, 24 hours mode. Then the running period (minutes) =22.2, that is, each cycle is 22.2 minutes.

Cycle execution: the time required for the motor to rotate clockwise 10 times + the motor stop time = 22.2 minutes. In the 12 (8 hours) working mode, the cycle runs for 12 (8 hours) hours and then stops; stops for 12 (16 hours) hours, and then restarts the cycle.


There is no magic number of rotations that will wind your watch. Things such as how active you are, how many complications your watch has, how frequently you use the chronograph function, how frequently you wear your watch, the watch make, how long it has been since it was last serviced and a host of other variables will impact what your watch requires to stay wound. And a watch winder won't wind a watch that is fully stopped. So, you need to manually wind the timepiece to get it running first. You will have to make this determination by trying the various settings.