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About Us – Dukwin Watch Winders

DUKWIN Watch Winders - Buy precision made automatic watch winders, accessories & watch safes from dukwin, the watch winder specialist. FREE Delivery.

We are passionate watch collectors ourselves with timepieces like Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Patek Philippe etc. We found out Watch Winders a few years ago and fell in love with them ever since. This really was a time-saving and problem-solving device. This brought us to the idea to create our own brand DUKWIN Watch Winders. We know there are more passionate watch collectors like us and that's why we exist now.

We have an amazing team, passionate about automatic watches and we want to make sure that your automatic watches get the proper care they deserve. we provide you only with the best watch winders that will wind your automatic watch according to its specification so that your watch is well-maintained. We are dedicated to our customers and offer them the best service possible.

We have some small storage watch winders that are common in the market. In addition, we offered exceptional large storage–the eight, twelve and twenty-four Watch Winders.

Though our winders continue to evolve and improve from their original designs, we are passionate about our commitment to ensuring that they will always hold true to the principles that we set out for our products at the start: that they should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and the reasonably priced.


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