How Secure are Figerprint Sensors?

How Secure are Figerprint Sensors?

For years, the security of fingerprint-based authorization has been a topic of fierce debate. -- The truth is, both fingerprints and other methods are flawed.

Widely Used
But Biometrics-based security, such as fingerprint authentication, is proven to be both more secure and convenient than passwords and other key locks, making fingerprint sensing an increasingly common used-- feature in smartphones, tablets, PCs, even watch box.

Fingerprint lock watch winder is an innovative design that have gained tremendous benefits compared to conventional key locks, combination door locks or keyless locks watch winders. 
Imagine this, when you go home, you only need to gently attach your fingerprint to the sensor to open the watch box and take off your watch instead of looking for keys everywhere.
Someone may say that the key can always be inserted in the keyhole. It can be so. As you have a fur baby or children at home, the situation may be...

  • The key was pulled out and disappeared
  • The box is opened, the watch is missing or the parts inside are scratched
  • What else worst case scenario do you want

The large-capacity watch box can be used by a family, but there may not be so many keys,  if it is a fingerprint lock it can be realized. Just scan their prints into the system and they will never need a key again. They just make it easier for you and your family to get inside the box. And you should look to see how many fingerprints can be stored in the device. Normally they hold more fingerprints than you would ever really need. 

When looking for a new fingerprint watch winder you should look to see if it also has a key locks. It will take a lot for the thumb scanner locks to not recognise your fingerprint due to reasons such as oily/ dirty fingers, or refuse to acknowledge your fingerprint because it is too wet! At this time you will be grateful for the key. Thus, 2-in-1 lock is a perfect choice. 



  • Improved security – Provides a secure and comfortable access control solution that doesn’t expose your information to cybercriminals.
  • Higher accuracy – As one of the most sophisticated biometric modalities, fingerprint scanners provide almost 100% of accuracy during authentication.
  • Faster access – Compared to typing a password or key lock, a fingerprint scanner can lock and unlock your workstation or device quickly.
  • Greater convenience – Forgetting one password or lost key can be frustrating. Fingerprint scanners increase device and application-level security without overburdening the user with numerous credentials.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using fingerprint locks. Read through the points carefully to know if the machine suits you or not. It may suit some users, but not all.


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