Home Classic 6 Watch Winders for Automatic Watches with 5 Watches Display Organizer - Green

Classic 6 Watch Winders for Automatic Watches with 5 Watches Display Organizer - Green

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Classic 6 Watch Winders for Automatic Watches with 5 Watches Display Organizer - Green

Classic 6 Watch Winders for Automatic Watches with 5 Watches Display Organizer - Green

  • Unique Design: Maintaining the functional features of a traditional watch winders with an eye-catching perspective watch holder storage to display your watches. This peerless innovation design men watch rotator box will be perfect as a centrepiece in your house or shop.

  • Shape: Patented design 009053226-0001

  • Rotation Options: Allows you to switch between the 4 modes. 

  • Directional Settings: Clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional.

  • Cuff: Patented lock-in cuff ‘locks’ your timepiece into the rotator drum for a secure fit. Detachable base to accommodate all wrist sizes without putting pressure on your bracelet.

  • Battery Option: Runs solely on AC power (universal adapter included).

  • Storage: 6 winding modules, 5 watches holder and 1 jewellery drawer.

  • Material: DUKWIN Automatic Watch Winder for 6 watches is made of 100% handmade wooden with acrylic organic glass window, stylish piano-gloss exterior and the interior vegan leather.

- Rotation knob
- Built-in LED illumination
- Watch display storage
- Built in drawer storage for jewellery
- Ultra quiet motors
- Comes with a power adapter of AC/DC 3.0-volt.1.2A output.
- Product measuring 45cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 44cm (H) / 17.72" x 7.87" x 17.32"
- Package measuring 48cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 57cm (H) / 18.8" x 14" x 22.4"
- Weight: 11.6kg

Classic 6 watch winders with 5 watches storage information

  • This classic 6-watch winders from Dukwin presents the ideal solution for winding up to 6 watches at the same time and with a watch deck storage to display your another 5 watches.  All presented in an elegant closed display case.  Showcasing our usual commitment to quality design and engineering, this 6-watch winder incorporates a number of luxury features that make it stand out from the crowd.
  • This winder operates on a basis of gentle rotation to wind watches. Older generation Watch Winders were programmed to be always on (i.e. rotating without a pause) in an effort to wind the watch as quickly as possible. This can lead to over-winding of a watch and potential damage to the main spring. Gentle rotation ensures a consistent movement over a longer period of time that won't over-wind your watch.
  • When initially turned on the rotor turns for 1 minute before pausing. The length of the pause is determined by the Turns Per Day setting (a lower TPD setting will mean a longer pause and vice versa) and once it is completed the rotor turns again for just 1 minute. This cycle continues silently for 12 hours, then rests for 12 hours, before beginning again and so on until the winder is turned off.
  • If the Direction setting is set to clockwise then the rotor will always rotate in a Clockwise manner; the same principle applies if the Direction setting is set to Anti-Clockwise. However, if the Direction setting is set to the third setting, Alternately Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise, the first 1 minute rotation will be Clockwise, the next 1 minute rotation will be Anti-Clockwise and so on, ensuring your watch gets a balanced, yet gentle, rotation.
  • At Dukwin we take design and quality seriously and we aim to deliver that in every one of our products.  We offer models from the single and dual watch winder up to 24-watch winders, as well as a range of accessories includes repair kits and watch cases.  With free UK, US, Australia and some of European Country mainland delivery, we aim to ship all items within 48 hours and use only reputable couriers such as Royal Mail, Hermes, UPS and DHL Paket ect.

Mode 1: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise, rest for 6 minutes, cycle repeat
Mode 2: Rotate 2 minutes counter clockwise, rest for 6 minutes, cycle
Mode 3: Rotate 2 minutes clockwise, rest for 6 minutes, Rotate 2 minutes
counter clock-wise,rest for 6 minutes, cycle repeat
Mode 4: Rotate 5 minutes clockwise, rotate 5 minutes counter -clockwise,
repeat above for 3 hours, rest for 9 hours, cycle repeat.